Stock For Sale.

If you have any questions about our stock for sale etc, please email me on or call me on 07734 106107.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I will be adding photographs for all items listed by the end of December 2019.

Rhode Island Red Bantam Pullets. April 2019 hatched. £25.00 each.

Indian Game Large Fowl Pullets. April 2019 hatched. £30.00 each.

Birchen Faverolle Large Fowl Pullets. April 2019 hatched. £35.00 each.

Buff Faverolle Large Fowl Pullets. May 2019 hatched ( lacking foot feather ). £35.00 each.

Cuckoo Faverolle Large Fowl Cockerels. May 2019 hatched. £100.00 each.

Ryeland Coloured Pedigree Registered Ewe Lambs. 2019 born. £130.00 each.

Jacob 2 horn Pedigree Registered Ewe Lambs. 2019 born. £130.00 each.

Jacob 2 horn Pedigree Registered Ram Lambs. 2019 born. £150.00 each.

Firewood Logs £3.00 per net fully seasoned or £2.50 per net part seasoned.                                                                                                 

Biomass Willow ( Salix Viminalis ) trees in pots £3.00 each.  Cuttings available November/December £25.00 for 60.                      

Twisted/Crooked ( Salix Tortuosa ) trees in pots £9.99 each. Cuttings available November/December £25.00 for 30.                    

Grey Willow ( Salix Cinera ) trees in pots £3.00 each. Cuttings available November/December £25.00 for 60.                                   

Black Currant ( Ben Lomond ) bushes in pots £3.00 each.

Red Currant ( Laxtons number 1 ) bushes in pots 3.00 each.

Raspberry bushes in pots £2.50 each.

Goji berry bushes in pots £2.50 each.







AVIARY PANELS. Suitable for Cage Birds, Poultry, Rabbits, Fruit Tree, Vegetable Plot protection etc. Made using 1" x 1/2" Weld Mesh and Tanalised roofing battens, fixed on both sides of mesh giving extra strength. We currently have sizes 8ft x 3ft, 7ft x 3ft and 6ft x 3ft in stock. Price is based on £1.00 per square foot of panel, so a 6ft x 3 ft panels would cost £18.00 each. Can make any sizes required.

WANTED. Any Tree Surgeons working in my area who use a wood chipper that cant get rid of their bark chippings. I will gladly take them of your hands if they are free. I want to use them on paths around my chicken runs and veg plot, which are at present very muddy.

Forest Creations Mr Norman Ray has the following hand crafted Items for sale:

Wine rack £375.00


Yew wall clock £110.00


Yew table clock £110.00

Teak side table £125.00


We have a good selection of Pedigree Registered 2 horn Jacob Sheep. We will have young stock for sale August 2018 after having been weaned.

Fleeces available from £6.00 each plus P and P.

Above photo taken June shows some of our Ewe lambs, Ram lambs and Mothers.

RYELAND SHEEP RAM LAMB from 2017 now sold.


Salmon Faverolle cockerels.

Above photographs show variation of cockerels. Left Picture shows Bird with light cherry wing bows.

Right picture shows bird with dark mahogany wing bows. Above are from 2 separate blood lines.