CUCKCOO MARAN BANTAM (Which is a Maran variety which we specialise in).

Stock will be available from April 2018. Sorry I no longer sell hatching eggs.

Marans are an astute, lively and tidy chicken. Cockerals are handsome posers, looking at their best when showing off, strutting their stuff at their hens. Cockerals are not agressive but can be protective over their girls. The hens are reasonably independant and are happiest roaming free range. They are reliable egg layers of beautiful dark brown eggs and can be quite fastidious about always laying their eggs in the same place.

Maran hens don't usually go broody, but we have found that the few exceptions have proved to be the most excellent broodies and fantastic protective mothers.

We have shown a number of our hens and they usually do very well. The hens that we have shown are just one picked out of the group not particular birds.

Maran bantams were developed in the UK by J Fines & Ken Bosley, several years after the first large Marans came to this country from the French town of Marans in 1929.


A relatively new breed to this country they are an attractive friendly bird. The females have a more sedate gentler nature than their Cuckoo Maran cousins, they also look totally different being more stout and plumper looking, they also have feathered legs, an undesirable trait in Cuckoo Marans. The males are rather striking with their Napoleonic stance, looking typically French. They are very proud looking and watchful over their hens.

We are looking to improve blood lines so no Copper and French Black Marans to sell this year.

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