Jacob are a breed which dates back to biblical times. They got their name 'Jacob' from Joseph's father, it is believed that Joseph's 'coat of many colours' actually came from the Jacob sheep. There is a natural variation of colours produced in a jacob sheep's fleece, although they cannot produce the vivid colours often desired today, the natural variation includes white, brown, black, orange, red and even lilac shades. The breed has changed over the centuries, in this country Jacobs are now much larger and have either 2 or 4 horns rather than the 6 or more horns of the past. The variation in colours is less desirable, white and black/brown are preferred due to an improvement in fleece quality.

Jacobs are a friendly, intelligent and independant breed of sheep, they have been mistaken for goats, when sheared by those who don't know any different.( one big difference being jacobs don't cry like goats) They are good hardy sheep and usually lamb easily, preferring not to have human interference unless they ask for it. Jacobs do have pronounced personalities that often pass on from generation to generation.

We have kept Jacobs for 25 years. Some of our ewes go back to the original stock in their pedigrees whilst the others are progeny of stock bought in over the years. Our current stock Ram is Firtree Hercules.

All our breeding stock are pedigree registered with the Jacob Sheep Society. We mainly do 2 horn variety.

Jacob Sheep for sale.

We have 2 year old JSS registered ewes (first time lambing) with Feb 2018 born twin lambs at foot.                                                    Lambs are eligible for registration.                                                                                                                                                           Priced at £200 per family (in other words the ewe and twin lambs).

We will have weaned 2018 born Ram and Ewe lambs for sale from July 2018.                                                                                       They will be £125.00 each registered with the Jacob Sheep Society.




Fleeces for sale £6.00 each plus P&P.

If you have any questions about our stock for sale etc, please email me on barney@jacksmerepurebreeds.co.uk or call me on 07734 106107.