Local Poultry Club

Our local Poultry Club is Southport and Ormskirk Bantam Society of which I am a member.

Show Hall is the Club Room, Wiggins Lane, Holmeswood, Lancashire, L40 1UJ - Map

Dont be put off by name Bantam Society, as the club is affiliated with The Poultry Club of Great Britain, which means it is a poultry club catering for all poultry types large fowl, Bantams ducks etc.

Club currently has six shows and one auction each year.

Future and past Show Dates.

Spring Show. Saturday 15th February 2014.

As usual, a very friendly show held today with a total of 936 entries, which included a Regional Silkie Club Show.

We had 5 entries of poultry. All of which, had been taken out of their breeing pens for the show.

In class no 44. Marans Male or Female Bantam. We entered 1 Hen in pen no 266. Unfortunately there was only 1 entry in this class, so she obviously got 1st Prize. She also got Best of Breed ( Her PCGB ring no C 275 year 11)..

In class no 107 AC Faverolle Male or Female Large Fowl. We entered 1 Hen in pen 811 (photo below) and 1 Cock in pen 813. There was a total of 4 entries. We achieved 1st Prize with our Hen. Cock achieved 4th prize.

In class 119 AOV Hard Feather Male Large Fowl. We entered 1 Indian Game in pen no 841. He was the only entry in his class, so he obviously acchieved 1st prize. He also got Best of Breed. He was then Picked out to be Best Large Fowl in Show.

In class 120 AOV Hard Feather Female Large Fowl. We entered 1 Indian Game Large in pen no 844. There were 3 entries in class, she achieve 2nd prize.

Egg and Junior Show. Sunday 11th May 2014.

Evening Box Show. Saturday 28th June 2014.

Evening Box Show. Saturday 26th July 2014.

Autumn Show. Sunday 14th September 2014.

Poultry Auction. October 2014. Exact date TBA.

Annual Open Show (PCGB Championship Show). Saturday 1st November 2014.

Doors are open to the public on showday afternoons apart from evening shows when doors are open to public from 7pm.

It is a friendly club where you can view a large assortment of Poultry breeds, get advice from Poultry keepers, enter raffle, have refreshments etc.

Anyone wishing to become a member, enter a show etc should contact the secretary

Mr Philip Bentham
38 Crabtree Lane,
L40 9RN

Tel 01704 895107



Date 8th February 2014

Venue Clitheroe Auction Market.

Show Secretary A Richardson. Catterall Hall Cottage, Catterall, Preston, PR3 OPA. Telephone 01995 601772.