About Jacksmere Pure Breeds. 

Myself, known as Barney and Partner Tracy run a 20 acre smallholding.

We are based in West Lancashire.

Concentrating on pure and rare breed poultry. Also running two breeds of sheep, Jacobs and Ryelands. We pride ourselves on producing hardy, quality friendly stock.

We support our local poultry shows, from which we sometimes do well.

We do our bit for wildlife conservation, having planted thousands of metres of native hedging, 2 coppices and a wildlife pond.              Don't use any pesticides or herbicides.                                                                                                                                                      We are keen ornithologists attracting as many species as possible.                                                                                                         Have plenty of buffer strips encouraging wild flowers, grasses, insects, voles, mice, butterfly's, moths, bees etc.                                  There are also several patches encouraging nettles and thistles to grow.  

Due to the decline of traditional Orchards and Native fruit trees, we ear marked one and a half acres for the creation of one.               This was in 2013, it is now doing very well producing marvellous fruit.                                                                                                     It faces South with no shade from the East or West either (therefore benefiting from sunshine all day long).                                           Sixteen fruit trees have been planted out so far. Consisting of Baking Apple varieties 2 x Bramley Seedling and 2 x Howgate Wonder. . Eating Apple varieties 1 x Cox;s Orange Pippin, 1 x Discovery, 1 x James Grieve and1 x Tydemans Early. Pear varieties 2 x Conference and 2 x Williams.. Plum varieties 1 x Czar, 1 x Opal and 2 x Prunus Damson. The trees have been planted 16 feet apart with 16 feet between the rows, this gives plenty of space for trees to grow and room for mowing with a small tractor.

All photographs on this website, unless otherwise stated, are the property of Mr J A Barnes. All livestock and poultry that picture in this website have been bred by us, unless otherwise stated. None of our photographs to be used without permission.

If you have any questions about our stock for sale etc, please email me on barney@jacksmerepurebreeds.co.uk or call me on 07734 106107.